Dog Hair Don't Care 

When I'm not creating art, I'm baking cookies and drinking coffee or enjoying time outside with my dogs and my boyfriend. 

I have been a dog sitter for a few years. Fonda is usually my model for the dog art  you see! 

Five Things About Me

I played soccer for 11 years. I'm still a huge soccer fan. 

I got Charlie as a birthday gift and got Fonda less than 2 years later.

I got Fonda 4 days after my brother passed away from cancer. She was afraid of plastic grocery bags, didn't know how to walk on a leash, and was afraid of men. I still say she saved me. She's my girl. 

I'm a vegetarian and not a vegan. I love Mexican food and pizza way too much to give up real cheese.

Thanks for stopping by! 







amy and her furbabies

Amy with Charlie and Fonda


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